7 key trends affecting Vietnam's digital economy future


Trends are the basis for scenario development and policy making for Vietnam's digital economy through 2030 - 2045.

The Australian National Science and Data Research Organization (Data61 | SCIRO), together with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, has just released the Vietnam Digital Economic Future Report: aiming for 2030, 2045. Report analyzing trends affecting the development of Vietnam's digital economy till 2045.

The research team identified seven key trends affecting Vietnam's digital economy future, including the impact of emerging digital technologies, new export markets for Vietnam, and the development of digital technology. Modern digital infrastructure, the need to develop smart cities, the rise of digital skills and services and the changing behavior of consumers.

These key trends are the basis for creating four scenarios for the future of Vietnam's digital economy, drawing a panorama to help policymakers in making plans for Vietnam's digital economy. Male in the future. Four scenarios are: traditional, digital transformation, digital exports and digital consumption. Each scenario has the potential to impact Vietnam's annual GDP growth.